Footsteps in the Sand on a Deserted Beach - North Wales

Black and white photograph of a beached jellyfish at low tide.

Beached Jellyfish at Low Tide - North Wales

Black and white beach photograph of a pool of water leading out to sea with dramatic clouds.

The Way to the Sea - North Wales

Black and white beach photo showing reflected clouds on beach at low tide.

Sky Beach Reflection at Low Tide - North Wales

Black and white photograph of a storm brewing out at sea with beach in the foreground.

Storm Brewing Out at Sea - North Wales

A black nd white night image of stonehenge with a full moon rising behind the standing stones.

Full Moon Rising at Stonehenge

black and white photograph of Finkenherd 1 in Quedlinburg, Germany

House in the Middle of the Street - Finkenherd 1 - Quedlinburg - Germany

Black and white photograoh of sun rising on midsummer's day at Stonehenge.

Sunrise on a Midsummer's Day Solstice - Stonehenge - England

Black and white photograph of crows startled by stormy sky in Magdeburg, Germany.

Startled Crows - Magdeburg - Germany

Black and white photograph of footeps on steps in the snow.

Snowy Footprints on the Steps in the Park - Geschwister-Scholl-Park - Magdeburg - Germany

Standing Stone at the Entrance to the Mountains - Wales

A Shop Window Full of Little Devils - Germany

Road with Mist Rising from the Woods at Dawn - Germany

Distant Headland Through the Rock Crack - Wales 

Old City View Through the Iron Gate - Germany

The Tree Behind the Fence - Germany

The First Tree of Autumn to Lose it's Leaves - Germany

Crow Waiting for the Flicker of the Lamp to Come On - Germany

Long Evening Lamp Shadow - Czech Republic

Canal Reflection of Monastery like Industrial Building - Germany

Face on a Gothic Urn - Germany

Magdeburg Hemisphere Experiment - Germany

Last of the Winter Snow - Wales

Commuter Exiting the Underground by the Church - Germany

Lamp Shadow on Building - Germany

Look For Signs When to Take a New Road - Germany

Always Follow the Road - Germany

Giant Rock in the Snowy Woods - Germany

Full Moon Rising in the East over Deserted Road - Germany

Storm Clouds Over the Castle - Germany

Storm Clouds and Downpour Out at Sea - Wales

Old Tree Waiting for the Raging Storm - Wales

Gargoyle Watching and Waiting - Germany

Sea Mist Covering the Farm Track - Wales

Sheep's Head Peninsula - Ireland

Zeitzähler - The Time Counter - Germany

Old Overgrown House Behind the Locked Gates - Germany

Church Reflected in a Puddle - Germany

November Sunrise - Germany

A Winters Tales from the Top of a Snowy Mountain - Wales

Waiting - England

Woodland Creatures Point of View - Germany

The Old Skeleton Tree - Germany

Sunrise Over the Salt Marsh Pool and Mountains - Wales

The Last Post - Wales

Full Moon over the Church Spire Cross - Germany

A Woodland Forest Creature - Wales

Storm Clouds Over the Church - Germany

Entrance to the Secret Party - Germany

You can't see the forest for the trees - Germany

Overhanging Witches Tree and Pond - Germany

Bath in the Middle of a Field - Wales

City View Through The Cast Iron Gate - Germany

White Cliffs of Dover from Ships Portal Window - England

Is There Anybody Out There Beyond the Pines? - Germany

Tree Avenue on a Misty Morning - Germany

The Tree Behind the Fence (2) - Germany

Mist in the Snow Covered Woods - Germany

Beach Sunset Reflection - Wales

Watercolour House Reflection - Germany

Winter Trees Waiting for the Spring - Germany

The Old Crow Tree - Germany

Sculpture in Garden - Germany

Church Looking Out Over the Estuary and Mountains - Wales

Estuary View Towards Mount Snowdon - Wales

Wooden Bench with the Perfect View - Wales

Farm Road Through the Mist to the Old Church - Wales

Footprints in the Snow with Lady and Umbrella - Germany

A Window Looking out to an Open Sea - Wales

Waves Rolling Over the Rocks - Wales

Waiting Taxi in the City Fog - Germany

The Lights Are On, Is There Anyone at Home? - Germany

The First Winter Snowfall - Germany

Back Road Through The Woods - Wales

Towering Oak Tree and Twisty Path - Germany


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