The Encounter - Germany

Solitude in the Shade of the Old Linden Tree - Germany

Overgrown Railway Tracks - Germany

Open Road Through The Landscape and Birch Tree Avenue - Germany

Washed Up Alien Creature or Sand Pattern - Wales

Low Tide at Black Rock Beach - Wales

Man walking on deserted beach at low tide - Wales

The Little Church in the Mountains - Wales

Quietness Found Amongst the Overgrown Lichen Covered Tombstones - Wales

Footprints on a Deserted Beach - Wales

Autumn leaves slowly fade away as Winter approaches - Germany

Farmhouse Sheltering from the Oncoming Storm - Germany

Cherub Hiding in the Herb Garden - Germany

Field and Clouds with Distant Storm - Germany

Road into the Mountains - Wales

Churchyard in the Mountains - Wales

Sheep Skull in the Wild - Wales

The Old Dark Mill - Wales

The Old Dark Mill (2) - Wales

Archway to the Ruins of the Old Dark Mill - Wales

The Old Dark Mill (3) - Wales

Solitary Tree Overlooking the Valley Below - Wales

Tree and Stormy Sky - Germany

Old Welsh Farm Hidden in the Mountains - Wales

Midday on the Backroad - Germany

Landscape Road and Sky - Germany

Landscape Road and Sky (2) - Germany

Clouds Drifting Over the Forest and Rolling Landscape - Germany

Deserted Road and Birch Trees - Germany

Shadow Gates in the Park - Germany

The Hidden Pond in the Woods - Germany

The Open Road - Wales

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