Castle of the Wind - Wales

Spiral Staircase - Germany

The Haunted Woods - Germany

Some Trees Stand Out from the Rest - Wales

Stormy Seas Through the Storm Breaker - Wales

Tree with Ruin on the Hill - England

The Old Watchtower and Tree - Wales

Castle Reflected in a Pond - Germany

Glastonbury Tor - England

Puddle Reflection of the Old Station - Germany

Cathedral Window Light and Figure - Germany

Full Moon Rising Over the Woodland Track - Germany

The Old Dark Mill - Wales

The Witches Tree - Germany

Ocean Drifting Over Basalt Rocks in the Open Sea - Wales

Incoming Tide at the Little Bay - Wales

Tree Shadows on Frozen Pond - Germany

Kilcoe Castle in the Eye of a Celtic Cross - Ireland

The Road Into the Mountains - Wales

The Dark Tower - Germany

Sheep Skull and Full Moon

The Witches Pond - Germany

Raheen Castle Ireland - Ireland

Railway Track Disappearing into the Woods - Germany

Burg Ludwigstein Castle After the Storm - Germany

Morning Light in the Forest - Germany

O'Driscoll Castle - Cape Clear - Ireland

Puddle Reflection of the Old Dark Mill - Wales

Dancing Ghost Trees - Wales

Schloss Lichtenstein Castle - Germany

Seascape Rocks and Approaching Storm - Wales

Sand Patterns on the Beach - Wales

Lovers and Shadows Under the Alcoves - Czech Republic

Chair on the Beach Watching the Storm - Wales

The Raven's Cliff - Germany

Look Up and Keep Going - Germany

Brandenburg Gate and Chariot - Germany

Trumpet Blower and Stallion - Germany

Arches and Alcoves - Germany

Blarney Castle Ireland - Ireland

The Inverted Sugar Loaf House - Germany

Stormy Cloudscape

The Secret Doorway - Germany

Covid Doll

Snow Covered Trees on a Winter Morning - Germany

Harlech Castle - Wales

Follow the Road and Never Look Back - Germany

Sea Mist and Wet Basalt Rocks - Wales


Entantance to Wolfsbrunnen Castle - Germany

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