A selection of photographs featured in the collections are offered as unique 1/1 artworks, available in either NFT or A2 size print formats. Opting for an NFT provides digital ownership of the photograph, representing an exclusive item of ownership and authenticity securely stored on the blockchain. This integration involves smart contracts responsible for assigning ownership and overseeing the transferability of the NFT
For those keen on collecting NFTs from the available artworks, a simple click on the preferred photograph will redirect them to the Opensea website, where the NFT collections are housed. Interested parties can then make an offer, with the current reserve price set at 0.2 ETH
Alternatively, individuals interested in acquiring a print can reach out using the provided contact form. Noteworthy is that when a print is requested, the corresponding NFT on the Opensea website undergoes a 'burning' or destruction process, preserving its unique, one-of-one rarity. The current price set for a 1/1 print is reflected at the current valuation of Ethereum which is set at 0.2 ETH

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